Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hello of a business meeting!

We had an exciting evening, with a lot of really great comments from everybody who attended.

Harry and Izzy came (from Katy MakerSpace LLC) Srinivas, Johathan, JMag, (With special guest appearance by JMag and Jonathan's daughter) Will H, Art, Phil, Jaws and myself (Daniel) were in attendance. (my apologies if I missed someone).

I'd like to say that I kept copious notes on who said what and when, but, I didn't. Prior to the meeting (through email) and during the meeting Phil made the suggestion that we should  documenting this process with notes. I agree, I had a lot on my mind so I didn't fully communicate that to him prior to the meeting. Future business meetings I ask for volunteers to take minutes.

I'd love for other members to write their take away from the meeting down and post it to our forums.

On my end, I think we made progress. It was spirited at times, but, I feel, always respectful.

A few highlights that I enjoyed were Srinivas speaking in Sanskrit, and translating it for us. (I am going to send him an email asking for both English and Sanskrit versions.

We talked about a number of things related to HackerSpace vs MakerSpace for profit/non profit etc.

I'd like to invite other members to write up their thoughts regarding this evenings meetings and post them to the newgroup.

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Since TX/RX labs came up this evening, I took the time to copy the URL for their bylaws, if anyone is interested.  

Thanks again for coming out.


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