Monday, January 13, 2014

Fill out a Thankless Job application!

Do you have what it takes to operate at an elite level and breakneck pace? If you so you will probably find our mediocrity annoying. We gotta start somewhere right?

If you have a few hours a week you can donate to the cause and a set of skills that matches the task, please consider taking on one of the following positions: 

Minister of Propaganda: Are you a wiz with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter et al? Do have a sense of humor? Are your writing skills above average? Are you a Smooooooth talker? Have the gift of communicating technical ideas to anyone? Have a great sense of digital etiquette?  If so, you may be the person we are looking for. 


Job Title: Provisional Minister of Propaganda.
Daily/Weekly time suck: 30-60 minutes per day (average)  / 3-6 hours per week. (average)
Qualifications: Background in Marketing and Advertisement. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Strong interpersonal skills. Dynamic Thinker. 3-6 hours per week to give.

Description: As our Provisional Minister of Propaganda you will be responsible for having a sense of humor. Updating social media with news and progress reports. Drafting official "press" releases which are congruent with the club's official polices and practices. You will author tweets which do not exceed 140 characters.

Since we are a start up, this position is expected to share a good deal of the burden with our "Minister of Making People want to be like us" (Marketing) for getting our message to the people.

Applicants should send an email to: (subject) MOP

Minister of Education: Are you an awesome teacher? Have a gift for breaking down and explaining complex technical concepts to group of technical neophytes?  Do you enjoy cataloging and organizing complex data into easily digestible groups? Have a passion for teaching? Are you patient and take joy helping other meet their educational goals?


Job Title: Provisional Minister of Education

Daily/Weekly Time Suck: Unknown
Qualifications: Strong background in education and technology.

Description: As P-Minster of Education, it will be your job initially to screen potential classes for quality. To assist in writing manuals and training media. To assist in the production of educational material for civic outreach projects. To identify educational needs within the organization and surrounding community. To assist in creating exciting and effective training programs. To instruct others so that they may lead and educate their peers.

To apply for this job please send and email to: subject: MOE

Minister of Defence: Do you know Kung-Fu? Do you see 0s and 1s when you look at the network? Could you have coded stuxnet on a VIC20? Shoot us an email and apply to become Minister of Defence.


Job Title: Provisional-Minister of Defence
Daily/Weekly Time Suck: UNK
Qualifications: MUST KNOW KUNG-FU! and spell defence with a C. Overall network security.

Description: As Provisional-Minister of Defence you will be responsible for the design and implementation of our network and server security and security policies at facility. You will respond to web and in house network security events. You will work with the Minister of Education to create training programs.

To apply for this job email: Subj:MODC

Minister of Acquisitions: Are you a geeky anomaly? Got some game to go with your name? Apply to become our Minister of Acquisitions. Are you resourceful geek? Do you know a guy who knows a guy? Do you have a source for yellow striped, neon green desktop cases with a water cooler mod and a custom, laser cut picture of my grandma on the side? Then you just may be the qualified to be our go to scrounger. Drop us a note an apply to become our Provisional Minister of Acquisitions.


Job Title: Provisional Minister of Acquisitions

Daily/Weekly Time Suck: Unk at this time

Qualifications: Background in business management/purchasing/fund raising

Description: The P-MOA is responsible for sourcing facilities, gear, parts, resources.  negotiating leases and purchase prices, equipment leases and donations.

Apply: (subj MOA)

Chief Engineer: Do you have a Scottish accent (ok not a requirement) Have a strong background in Electrical Engineering? Apply to become our Chief Engineer.


Job Title: Provisional-Chief Engineer
Daily/Weekly Time Suck: UNK
Qualifications: A strong background/experience in electrical engineering, hardware systems integrations, Robotics, Access Control etc.

Description: Responsible for consulting on major development projects. Assisting in the design of cool stuff for our facility. Working with the MOE on skill development courses for our hardware centric members.

To apply email: subj:CE

Minister of DefenSe: Do you know REAL kung-fu? Do you have that magical recipe of intellect, pragmatism, street smarts, sprinkled with just a hint of paranoia? Do you look at access control panels and think, "2 min".  Have you ever met a lock that didn't like you? Do you have a favorite brand of IP security camera? Can you spot a Social Engineer from a 1000yds? If so, you may want to drop us a note and apply for the position of MODS.

Job Summary:

Job Title: Provisional-Minister of DefenSe.
Daily/Weekly Time Suck: UNK
Qualifications: Able to work well with others, Strong physical security background. Strong working knowledge of: locks, locking mechanisms, access control, surveillance, slightly paranoid.

Description: The Minister Of DefenSe will be responsible for the management of facility security. Qualified applicant will assist in the design and selection of, the plant security system, access control, and all physical security characteristics. Should have a strong background in technology and plant security.

To apply email:  subj: MODS.

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