Saturday, January 18, 2014

Electronic Frontier Foundation and being lazy...

Gentle Hackers,

Please consider joining the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Let's face it, you and I are lazy. We are especially lazy when it comes to protesting stuff. Sure, we get frustrated, disgusted and maybe even a little angry about social/political issues that we feel helpless to do anything about. But, are we angry/frustrated/disgusted enough to go and do something about it? ahh No.

So, why not OUTSOURCE YOUR OUTRAGE! That's right, let someone else do it for you. Why? 'Cause protestin' is hard.

Throw your support behind those politically active, socially active groups that you agree with.

In my case, it is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Go make a donation $5, $10 or a $1,000. Your donations add up.

Just because we are lazy, it doesn't mean we have to be lame. Come on, its just a few clicks of your mouse and BAM! You've made a difference.

A 2013 Harvard Study, that I just made up, showed that people who Outsource their Outrage are up to 68.5% better looking that people who don't get involved at all.

Just because you're lazy, doesn't mean you have to be lame!

Geek it 'till it MHz!


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